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Waste-wizard Waste Clearance


Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, businesses have a duty of care for all their waste, including general rubbish and things that can be recycled. 

Your Local Council can prosecute offenders, so you need to be aware of your duties. You must:  

  • Sign a Trade Refuse Agreement with a carrier who is legally authorised to carry waste and pay the charges.
  • Alternatively, if you hold a Waste Carriers Licence, you may take your own rubbish to a licensed disposal site or tip and pay the charges. Businesses cannot use the public civic amenity sites for free tipping. 
  • Check that your carrier holds a Waste Carrier's Certificate of Registration or is exempt. 
  • Check that your carrier is taking your waste to a licensed disposal site or tip. Carriers cannot use the public civic amenity sites for free tipping. You can be prosecuted if your carrier dumps your rubbish. 
  • Ensure that you complete the waste transfer note and provide a written description of the waste. Normally your carrier will produce this for you as part of your agreement. 
  • Keep a copy of all documentation for two years. You may have to produce this to a council officer, on demand. You can be prosecuted if you cannot produce full records for the last two years.
  • If your carrier has supplied you with labelled sacks, make sure that these sacks are used for your waste, and no others. If you have been supplied with bins, use them. 
  • If you start to produce more rubbish, get your carrier to provide more bins/sacks or collect more often. 
  • Bin, bag, box or bundle all refuse securely and do not put loose rubbish out for collection. Flatten down and bundle up cardboard boxes. 
  • Dispose of semi-liquid waste appropriately and do not pour it into sacks. 
  • Do not put any sharp or dangerous items in plastic refuse sacks; put them in boxes to avoid injuries to collectors. 
  • Set aside adequate space for storage (between collections) inside the building or in an enclosed exterior space. Don't let your rubbish blow away and cause litter. 
  • Put out your refuse at the time given to you by the contractor and not before. Rubbish must not be left out on the street for long periods when it can cause litter. 
  • Where possible, keep all your rubbish and bins on your own property when waiting for collection. If this is not possible, put it close to your door so that it is clear that it is your rubbish waiting for collection. 
  • Don't put rubbish in or beside public litter bins. Don't risk being prosecuted for causing litter.
  • Keep your premises and the area surrounding it clean and tidy. It's good for business.

Pre-Paid Bag Collection Service.​​

​We understand that not all businesses have the space, of indeed want a bulky waste container outside their premisis, so we have the perfect solution.

​Our pre-paid waste bag service coulden't be simpler- all you do is fill the bags, tie them up and leave them outside, ready to be picked up at a scheduled time which is convenient for you.

​The price of the service includes the cost of the bags, the collection and disposal and a Duty of Care / Waste Transfer Note. This means you can control and manage the cost of your  waste collections and have peace of mind that your business is fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

​Our pre-paid waste bag service is ideal for small factories, offices, shops, pubs, restaurants and is a great way to ensure that you only pay to dispose of the waste you generate.

​We will arrange collections at a time agreed with you and all we ask is that the bags are securely tied up, contain no liquids or hazardous materials and weigh no more than 8kg each. Terms and conditions apply.

Cost for a roll of 50 Bags : £98.00 + VAT. ​Price Includes Collection, Contract and Waste Transfer Note.

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